Bronze Code: 519
Height: 22.4 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 17.4 LBs


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Behold a breathtaking, grand representation of justice and order. We present before you a meticulously crafted, hand-made representation of Themis. An artistic masterpiece that stands 57cm high and weights almost 8kg, this Themis sculpture is the largest one we have to offer (the largest in the photo). Its dimensions are only second to the colossal, 'Themis (huge)'.

With an eye for detail, our artist, known for their distinctive craftsmanship, has breath-takingly captured the contouring of Themis' facial structure, the detailing of her clothes, and the unique attributes that symbolize the goddess. True to its Grecian roots, the sculpture showcases the iconic scales carried by Themis, symbolizing the weighing of evidence, and a sword, conveying power and enforcement of fair law and order.

As with all our creations, this large and heavy Themis sculpture was executed at the highest level, produced with the utmost respect for the esteemed goddess she represents. Made from the finest materials, the statue embodies grandeur, style, and intricacy. The poise of the figure, as well as attention to detail, provides a tangible sense of the transcendent majesty, grace, and strength that Themis embodied.

Perfect as a centerpiece, or even as a corner highlight, this statue of Themis will enhance any space it's placed in. Whether you're a lawyer, a lover of artworks, or a connoisseur of Greek mythology, the monumental Themis sculpture is a quintessential piece for your collection. It is a symbolic representation of fairness, order, and equity. This statue not only serves as a testament to your aesthetic taste but also is a reflection of your regard for justice.