Bronze Code: 518
Height: 18.1 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 10.2 LBs


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Introducing Milo, the acclaimed artist known for his attention to detail and remarkable execution of bronze sculptures, as he presents the awe-inspiring Themis statue. With Milo's unrivaled craftsmanship, this piece stands out as a stunning representation of the Greek deity, boasting an impressive height of 46cm and weight of almost 5kg. This state-of-the-art bronze sculpture is enhanced by a notable finish, an intentional choice of the creator to make it shine amidst an ocean of bronze art pieces.

Milo's Themis isn't just another name in our superb collection of bronze statues. It embodies an amalgamation of sophistication and robust craftsmanship. The superior quality of execution becomes evident in the fine detailing, epitomizing Milo’s in-depth understanding of the art and the deity's iconic symbolism. An embodiment of law, divination, and divine order, Themis personifies in this extraordinary bronze piece a higher level of artistic rendition.

What sets this Themis apart is its opulent golden cloak, a choice by the artist for a more extravagant, dignified look. Milo's use of gold sets a luxurious tone, raising the sophistication of the sculpture a notch higher. His innovative approach to the traditional Themis has resulted in a more premium and elegant outcome – making this piece a perfect fit for those with an eye for grandeur.

This Themis statue by Milo, through its authoritative dimensions, durable composition, superb detailing, and affluent golden mantle, is more than a piece of art. It's a testament to Milo's outstanding abilities and a marble rendition of divine justice that would undoubtedly elevate any collection and interior it graces.