Bronze Code: 542
Height: 16.9 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Experience the tantalizing allure of classical art with our Belvedere Apollo, a striking replica of the masterpiece sculpted by ancient Greek artist Leochar. Carefully crafted to replicate the distinct aesthetics of 330-320 BC, this sculpture brings the essence of the Greek god Apollo, the deity of sun and light, to life.

In this arresting statuette, Apollo is personified as an enchantingly handsome young man, poised as though shooting an arrow. The physiognomy of the deity, complete with a beautifully sculpted body and a commanding head loftily titled to the left, offers a captivating display of Hellenistic art and mythology. The deity's eyes, subtly asymmetrical and looking away into the distance, enhance the realism of the statue.

A cape, drawn closely around Apollo's chest and shoulders, cascades down to form an almost theatrical background against which the figure's physique stands out. Regarded alongside Raphael's Sistine Madonna, the Belvedere Apollo personifies classical beauty and symbolizes harmony. It serves as a spectacular homage to the artistic standards of its era - magnificently capturing the aura of the god of light and art.

The Belvedere Apollo has enjoyed the status of being the epitome of ancient art since the Renaissance. Renowned German art historian I.I. Winkelmann even lauded it as 'the highest ideal of art among all the ancient works that have come down to us'. By adorning your living space with this replica, you encapsulate within your premises a fragment of history, artistry, and profound cultural heritage.