Bronze Code: 825
Height: 18.9 In
Width: 14.6 In
Weight: 37.3 LBs


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Francois Girardon, a remarkable French sculptor born in 1628, hailed from a family deeply rooted in the arts, specifically in decorative and figurative casting. Masterfully trained in the craftmanship of sculpting, Girardon efficiently completed his profound art education at the classic city of Rome. His strong association with the arts, combined with his unmatched technical skills in statuary, contributed substantially to the prominence of his figure in French baroque sculpture.

Upon his return to Paris, he was warmly received by S.Lebrun, a highly influential painter, who steered the directions of French art during that era. The widely acclaimed painter bestowed Girardon, with numerous commissions, endorsing his irrefutable talent and providing him the platform for showcasing his grandeur in sculpture artistry. His seamless blend of refined techniques and flamboyant style was particularly admired.

One of Girardon's most outstanding masterpieces entailed an equestrian statue of King Louis XIV of France in 1692, prominently displayed at the Place Vendome in Paris. The craftsmanship, prestige, and significance of the statue were so profound that unfortunately, it became a casualty during the French Revolution and was destroyed. Yet, its indelible mark on history is preserved through a bronze model housed in the world-renowned Louvre and a smaller bronze replica, part of the Hermitage collection. This exemplary work by Girardon set a benchmark in equestrian monuments, influencing similar commemorations of European sovereigns throughout the 18th century.