Bronze Code: 822
Height: 16.5 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 33.3 LBs


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Admire the incredible work of Antoine-Louis Barye, an eminent French animal sculptor and painter with our exquisite representation of his most famous work, the 'Lion Hunt', created in 1836. This masterpiece is currently housed in the world-renowned Louvre Museum and is renowned for embodying Barye’s remarkable Romanticism featuring dramatic elements and highlighting the overriding role of emotions and passions.

Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875) displayed a remarkable knack for this art form very early on in his career. Known for his early morning routine established in friendship with the caretaker of the Botanical Garden, he dedicated his craft by working from nature near cages with wild animals. His incredible attention to the characteristic features of animals exhibits an extraordinary skill to express them through his masterful technique in sculpture.

Starting his prowess in a jeweler’s workshop, Barye utilized his experience in the jewelry craft to shape his unique style in sculpture. Achieving the utmost precision and delicacy, he brought to the fore an extraordinary interpretation of the animal kingdom. When it comes to sculptural groups like 'Lion Hunt', you would be amazed to observe how he masterfully included human figures interacting with the animals, enhancing the overall drama and intensity of the composition.

Barye’s exquisite sculptures have found their place in several prestigious museums across Europe and the United States, making them coveted art pieces for true connoisseurs. Spotlight the beauty, passion, and unique style of this historic French sculptor by owning a piece of this artistic treasure.