Bronze Code: 874
Height: 16.9 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 20.5 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of high-quality European sculpture with this exquisite masterpiece, a signature work of the famous author A.Carrier, renowned French sculptor, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (1824-1887). As a 43cm, 9.3 kg piece of spectacular art, this sculpture promises to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home décor and serve as an exceptional centerpiece.

Carrier-Belleuse was regarded as one of the most proficient European sculptors during his time, acclaimed for his detailed craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity. This particular piece is an embodiment of his dexterity and understanding of form, as witnessed by the sculpture's meticulously crafted facial features, intricate detailing on the fingers, and a complicated yet elegantly done dress. His sculptures are known to be a portrayal of his dedication to perfection.

Adding to the sculpture's allure is the strategic use of color, executed in a manner that significantly enhances its decorative appeal. The choice of colors lends a bright, vibrant, and pleasant touch to the sculpture, transforming it into a captivating spectacle of decorative art. Carrier-Belleuse's figures are luxurious in detail, and evoke a sense of coquettishly sweet and extremely picturesque artistry in the transmission of movements - an artistic signature that sets his work apart.

An Officer of the Legion of Honor and teacher to another celebrated sculptor, Auguste Rodin, Carrier-Belleuse's sculptures are considered timeless classics. The beauty of his works lies in its ability to transcend eras, with the charm of his artistry as alluring today as during his time. This piece stands as testimony to his skill and craftsmanship. Owning it will enrich your collection and add a touch of European elegance to your home.