Bronze Code: 836
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 16.3 LBs


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Respected American artist, Frederick Remington (1861 — 1909), a master painter, illustrator, and sculptor, established his esteemed reputation with his remarkable dedication to Western-themed works. His authentic depictions of the Wild West have achieved a significant and long-lasting influence on American culture, largely contributing to the iconic perceptions of Western life, often adopted by Western-dedicated publications.

Despite his vast achievements in illustration, Remington always strived for greatness in other mediums such as easel painting and sculpture. His passion for these forms of art led to the creation of pieces marked by their aesthetic beauty and seeping sentimentality. Remington's paintings and sculptures were a poignant portrayal of a romantically wild lifestyle, rapidly fading into the annals of history, all expressed through his evocatively sad and contemplative undertones. This bittersweet infusion made his artwork resonate deeply with audiences, remaining treasured and celebrated by art-loving communities worldwide to this day.

The depth of Remington’s emotions, combined with the sheer technical skill evident in his works, continues to captivate art aficionados, students, and historians alike. His legacy remains alive and influential, his artworks extensively studied and adored, his creative spirit immortalized in the romantic echo of the bygone Wild West that his oeuvre encapsulates.