Bronze Code: 819
Height: 15 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 13 LBs


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Delve into the heart of French artistry with this magnificent sculpture by two renowned French artists - Hippolyte-Francois Moreau and Prosper Lecourtier. Their collaborative work has been epitomized in this historic piece - Piqueur Au Relais, a masterpiece that narrates volumes about French history and culture.

The sculpture, also known as 'The Hunter with Hounds,' is a reflection of refined craftsmanship. Standing tall at 39x17cm and weighing 6 kg, it promises to be a substantial and timeless addition to your collection. A larger, 35 kg variant of the same sculpture, with a heightened aura of grandeur, is also available at our store.

Enlivened in this composition is an aristocratic French hunter from the Louis XV period in a field, surrounded by his dogs. A closer look at the sculpture reveals a perfectly captured attention to detail. Every minute feature of the man’s appearance, the intricate anatomy of the dogs, and the meticulously crafted surroundings provide an immersive experience.

What truly stands out in this artwork is the unique juxtaposition of contrasting strokes. The plastique technique employed by the sculptors renders a sense of vivid realism to the sculpture, presenting the viewer with a romanticized image of the hunter.

Hunting and dogs, both symbolic of aristocracy and bourgeoisie of the 18th and19th centuries, come alive in this embodiment of royal pastimes. It's a celebrated remnant of the era when all of European political nobility reveled in dog hunting, which also reflects in the orders received by sculptors back in the day.

Let your collection be the proud host of this sculpted marvel, exuding nobility and history and captivating every onlooker with its tactile and visual charm.