Bronze Code: 818
Height: 28.3 In
Width: 14.6 In
Weight: 77.6 LBs


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This strikingly emotive, large-scale sculpture (72cm; over 35kg) was masterfully crafted by the combined efforts of two famous French sculptors, Hippolyte-Francois Moreau (1832-1917) and Prosper Lacourtier (1851-1924). Honoring these renowned sculptors, the work known originally as 'Piqueur Au Relais' translates to 'Hunter with hounds' in English, and features a French hunter in the age of Louis XV, out on a hunting expedition, accompanied by his faithful dogs.

The sculpture has been manually coated with a green patina, adding depth and expressivity to the piece. The application of this unique patina by the gifted hands of the sculptors makes this imposing sculpture even more unique as it produces a variant tones of green.

Pay close attention to the smallest details of the person's appearance, and you'll witness the level of effort and sheer precision that has gone into modeling this grandeur piece. An aristocrat in the field with hunting dogs not only echoes the popular pastimes of royals but honors the skill and craft of master sculptors, H. F. Moreau, and P. Lecourtier.

The romantic image of a French aristocrat out on the hunt represents the fascination of aristocrats and bourgeoisie of the 18th and 19th centuries. The meticulously constructed composition, original plastic, and sharp contrasting strokes pay homage to the popular love for hunting and the domestication of animals that prevailed during the time these skillful sculptors received their orders. Amidst the kaleidoscope of artistic impressions, the charm and essence of dog hunting history nestle comfortably.