Bronze Code: 834
Height: 18.9 In
Width: 14.6 In
Weight: 27.3 LBs


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Art and history enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the world of a remarkable French animal sculptor, Pierre-Jules Mene (1810-1879) who was known for his dedication towards nature that reflects in his work. Devoted to bringing life to the simplicity and charm of rural life onto the canvas of art, Mene's work was not just limited to France but also echoed in the workshops of many countries including Germany.

Experience the magnificence of a large and heavy sculpture (48x37cm; 12.4 kg) illustrating a hunter striding along with a dog on the trail. This remarkable piece is an embodiment of Mene's mature period, where the themes circled around the vividness and intricacies of hunting scenarios while ensuring detailed compositions.

Mene masterfully captured the essence of his native nature and expressed its aesthetic value through these sculptures. Continuing to hold its pedestals of success, Mene's reputation spread not only in his homeland but also across England receiving critical acclaim. He had been an unquestioned master of his craft winning medals at the renowned Paris and London Salons between 1838 to 1861.

Today, you can find examples of Mene's sculptures around the globe, from renowned museums like the Louvre, the Ashmolean, Metropolitan to the R.W. Norton Art Gallery. Each museum is graced by the precise detailing and accuracy which he infused in each of his animals’ sculptures, making them an exquisite collectable item.