Bronze Code: 832
Height: 20.1 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 18.7 LBs


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The exceptional craftsmanship of Robert Tate Mackenzie, a pioneer in emotive and dramatic Canadian sculpture, is brought to life in this large, ornately detailed statue. Standing at a commanding 51cm height and weighing 8.5kg, this work is a powerful representation of a warrior's physique, underscored by a strikingly rendered face that proudly showcases Mackenzie's anatomical expertise.

As a trained doctor and athlete himself, Mackenzie's deep understanding of the human body and its expressive capacity is vividly evident in the intricate details of this painstakingly rendered statue. Every sinew, every muscle in the warrior's body has been sculpted with a meticulous attention to detail, heightening the lifelike quality of the piece to surpass ordinary sculptures.

Mackenzie's passion for capturing the 'masks' of human emotion adds an compelling depth to the warrior's brutal facial features. The intense focus, the unwavering resolve, and the unflinching courage of the warrior are captured in the fine lines and shadings of the face—an embodiment of Mackenzie's ability to evoke profound emotional responses through his work.

Heralding from a lineage of over 200 works by Mackenzie—including busts, masks, and figures of athletes and soldiers—this remarkable, non-standard sculpture speaks volumes of the artist's continuous exploration of form, motion, and emotion. This extraordinary piece, steeped in artistic history, promises to be a unique focal point of any home décor with its magnetic presence.

As a reflection of Mackenzie's standing in the arts, the artist was lauded with membership in the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts—an honour commemorating his significant contribution to the field. By honoring Mackenzie's artistry in your home, you too, affirm the value of such enduring legacy, and his immeasurable influence on Canadian sculpture.