Bronze Code: 851
Height: 27.2 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 22.5 LBs


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Crafted by the acclaimed artist, Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss, this exquisite sculpture is an awe-inspiring embodiment of the timeless beauty and fluid grace of the female form. Standing at an impressive 69 cm in height and weighing 10.2 kg, it commands attention and is bound to become an admired centerpiece in any collection or interior space.

Illuminating the artistic brilliance of Preiss, the sculpture's meticulous detail does more than justice to the intricate anatomy of the female body; the hands and fingers are crafted with particular care, emphasizing delicate allure and soft femininity. The slightly secretive, bewitching gaze of the figure underlines the potentially magnetic appeal of the artwork.

Born in 1882 and known for orchestrating some of the best epoch-defining works till his death in 1943, Ferdinand Preiss was an iconic sculptor of the Art Deco period who distinctly etched classical forms into his masterpieces. His forte lay in capturing the radiant splendors of the roaring 1920s and 1930s, as the sculpture gracefully illustrates.

Be it as an elegant addition to your interior landscape or a substantial gift for an art enthusiast, this magnificent sculpture bears the weight of historical craftsmanship and timeless appeal. Preiss's works are renowned for their quality and value, significantly appreciated in today’s art market, making this piece not just an artistic gem, but also an investment.