Bronze Code: 849
Height: 18.1 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 22.9 LBs


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Indulge in the splendor and exquisite cultural mastery of the renowned Russian ballet with our distinguished figurative sculpture by artist D.H.Chiparus, a centerpiece that showcases true artistic brilliance. This detailed tribute to the performances of the Russian ballet group, is an abundant testament to an era of enchanting elegance and flamboyant performances that adorned the stages of Paris, London, and across the world, all under the ingenious orchestration of the legendary entrepreneur, Sergei Diaghilev.

This grandiose composition, standing tall at 46 cm and weighing a significant 10.4 kg, speaks a narrative of intrigue, art, and history that comes together in a display of pure craftsmanship. It is an excellent addition to any ornamental collection or a decor enthusiast looking for that unique touch to their space.

The artist, Demetre H. Chiparus, was a Romanian-born prodigy who mastered the art under the mentorship of the esteemed sculptor Raffaello Romanelli in Italy, and continued to push his boundaries and enrich his skills at the Paris Academy of Fine Arts. After his studies, Chiparus made Paris his home, where he crafted captivating creations that are savored by art connoisseurs even today. His primary inspiration stemmed from the versatile dancers of the Russian ballet, the French theatre, and nascent cinema which he impeccably portrayed in his works. Known for his vibrant and decorative style, Chiparus' craft holds the power to make onlookers marvel at the dynamic fusion of movement, emotion, and beauty in his statues.

Suffused with a distinctive allure and adorned with the signature touch of Chiparus, this figurative sculpture of the Russian ballet is more than an attractive piece of decor. It's an embodiment of cultural richness and artistic genius, making it a splendid gifting option for art lovers, ballet enthusiasts, or anyone who'd appreciate the addition of a luxury masterpiece to their collection.