Bronze Code: 857
Height: 27.4 In
Width: 19.3 In
Weight: 24.3 LBs


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Discover the breathtaking magic of Art Deco embodied in Demetre H. Chiparus’s famed series of dancer sculptures. As a grand maestro of the Art Deco era (1886-1947), Chiparus captivated the world with his exquisite sculptures portraying the limitless beauty of dancers and chic women of his epoch.

Savor his intricate detailing that meticulously delineates every aspect of the figurine, from the finely constructed dance costume to the expressive facial features and delicate finger positions; Chiparus successfully breathed life into inanimate materials even down to the subtlest centimeter. Being a large cabinet sculpture with a towering height of 69.5cm and a weight of over 11kg, your surroundings will be dramatically transformed by its sheer physical presence.

Each piece is further enhanced by a hand-painted finish, establishing its premier exclusivity in the world of art collectors. Consider placing this masterpiece in your living room or spacious hallway for a touch of classical elegance. A stand-alone piece or coupled with Chiparus's 'Moscow Star' Dancer sculpture, it creates an aura of timeless beauty and sophistication.

Step into the captivating realm of D.H. Chiparus and let your surroundings echo the rhythm of his dancers by adding one of his spectacular pieces to your collection.