Bronze Code: 465
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 3.3 In
Weight: 0.9 LBs


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This rare and exquisite product we are offering is a 55-year-old sculptural artwork by the renowned Soviet artist, Linnik. Known for his captivating and detailed pieces, Linnik's contribution to the art world is marked by his masterful blend of meticulous attention to detail and transformative artistic flair. The piece, dubbed Monumentsculpture, is an ode to the cultural and historical resonance of Leningrad, now known as St. Petersburg.

What makes this piece particularly noteworthy is that it features Pavlov Ivan Petrovich, a highly celebrated Russian and Soviet scientist. Born in 1849 and lived until 1936, Pavlov had an illustrious career, making groundbreaking advancements in the field of physiology. He is recognized as the pioneer of higher nervous activity. His innovative research and unparalleled intellect were publicly recognized when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1904. His groundbreaking work revolves around the physiology of digestion, which has had a significant and lasting impact on medical science.

This exceptional Linnik sculpture stands as an homage to Pavlov's service to science and humanity. The accuracy with which Linnik portrays Pavlov's character and essence is breathtaking, making this piece not just a mere figurine, but a profound testament to a lifetime of achievement and contribution. This monumental sculpture offers more than visual appeal. It's a piece of history, an artistic interpretation of a remarkable figure, and a conversation starter.

Suitable for educational institutions, private collections, or simply as an impressive display piece, this 55-year-old Monumentsculpture is not just a memento of a bygone era, but a timeless piece that bridges the past and the present in a visually stunning and meaningful way.