Bronze Code: 342
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 3.5 LBs


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Experience the true essence of craftsmanship with the Model 1868 Peter the Great Replica Bust by renowned caster and sculptor, Felix Chopin. Exquisitely made in the historic city of Saint Petersburg, Russia, this elegant piece is a true testament to the legacy of Chopin’s graceful artistry. His iconic signature, 'F.CHOPIN', and the year '1868' authenticate this piece, engraved on the back. As an added touch, a distinct round stamp reading 'M.F. 1868 DEPARTURE FOR 10 YEARS' is present, giving the bust a mark of timelessness and exclusivity.

Born in 1813, Felix Chopin held the reputation of a 'Bronze Magician' for his uncanny ability to create life-like impressions of Russian rulers in his work. Serving as a royal supplier to His Imperial Majesty, he built an impressive repertoire, which includes this Peter the Great bust.

Chopin’s work on royal busts started in 1840, inspired by the marble busts of an Italian sculptor, A. Penna. Despite Penna’s inability to visit Russia, Chopin found value in his stylized depictions of Russian tsars and princes. Taking this concept further, Chopin unveiled a breathtaking array of 63 full-sized busts of Russian rulers nine years later.

Proving his commercial acumen, Chopin transitioned to creating smaller bust replicas, like this Peter the Great replica, 15 years later. Recognized as cabinet sculptures, these intriguing smaller versions gained popularity after being showcased at an international exhibition in Paris, establishing Chopin’s iconic status in the world of sculpture.