Bronze Code: 410
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Discover the detailed craftsmanship of N. Tomsky's 1968 bronze bust, honing into the intricate features of the tremendously influential philosopher, economist and political theorist, Karl Marx. Designed by the distinguished artist, this bronze bust invokes the profound thoughts and theories that spurred the creation of Marxism.

Cast with the highest quality bronze, this exceptional piece captures Marx's persona through meticulous attention to detail. Every contour, every minutiae on Marx's face, is thoughtfully represented, bringing out the character of one of the most influential figures in history.

Meticulously sculpted by the skilled hands of N. Tomsky, a 1968 model of a Karl Marx bust, this piece communicates not just the accurate physical representation of Marx, but also the intellectual intensity he was known for. Marked by exceptional workmanship, this is a must-have item for avid collectors, historians and Marxism enthusiasts.

More than just a decorative item, the bronze bust serves as a reminder of Marx's contributions to world knowledge. From his philosophies that changed socio-political landscapes to his theories on economy that are still studied to date, this high-quality bronze cast bust is a testament to Karl Marx's revolutionary thinking.

A commanding presence in any living space or study, the remarkable craftsmanship of this piece calls back to a pivotal moment in history and initiates thought-provoking conversations. Enhance your collection with this eminent portrayal of Karl Marx by N. Tomsky, a combination of history, art and masterful craftsmanship.