Bronze Code: 411
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 3.7 In
Weight: 1.6 LBs


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Step back in time with our ornately crafted collector's item, an exceptional, antique-stylized Karl Marx bust. A representation that captures the essence of the prodigious German thinker and economist, the creation painstakingly curates each characteristic detail from the opus of N. Tomsky, known for his undeniable expertise in carving vintage masterpieces.

Oozing authenticity and aged tranquillity from every crevice, our unique collectible, is a brilliant homage to all vintage style enthusiasts. It is no common piece, but the 1969 model, emblematic of the golden period of vintage craftsmanship. A show-stopper, it instantly transports the onlooker back in time, evoking the by-gone era's charm and grandeur.

Karl Marx, the monumental figure it represents, was a man of many talents - a thinker, economist, philosopher, and political thinker. Introducing Marxism, alongside Friedrich Engels, Marx's theoretical impact still resonates strong centuries later. This vintage-stylized, meticulously crafted 1969 model underlines the importance of Karl Marx in the grand tapestry of world history and allows you to celebrate his monumental achievements within your own personal space.

Designed to perfection by the renowned artist N. Tomsky, this bust lacks nothing in character or personality. Encapsulating the artist's magnificent detailing and style, the bust is more than just a collectible; it's a testament to N. Tomsky's remarkable ability to breathe life into inanimate objects, making them pieces of art that will undeniably ignite conversations and admiration.