Bronze Code: 468
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 1.6 LBs


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Treat yourself to a delicate appreciation of Russian history with our beautifully crafted bust of Alexander Matrosov. Bearing an acute resemblance to the legendary Red Army hero of WWII, this large bust resonates with exceptional quality. Available at a very competitive price, it is perfect for those looking to celebrate and commemorate Matrosov's enduring legacy in a fitting manner.

Alexander Matrosov, born in 1924 and passed away in 1943, was lauded for his bravery and exceptional service during the war. His gallantry during the Battle of Velikiye Luki made him an iconic figure. In an act of remarkable courage, he obstructed the embrasure of a German bunker with his chest, effectively saving his comrades from potential defeat. This decisive and selfless act propelled him into the annals of military history, with his gallantry commemorated in newspapers, books, and movies.

This expertly designed bust not only represents the sacrifice of Matrosov but stands as a symbol of collective bravery, resilience and the human spirit that marked World War II. It is an ideal item for historians, collectors and enthusiasts of military history.

Unfortunately, the author of the figurine is not mentioned. However, his or her impeccable eye for detail and emphasis on realism has resulted in a bust that captures Matrosov's heroism in a profound way. The bust, fairly large in size and cleverly designed to bring out every detail, is a quintessential choice for every fan or follower of Alexander Matrosov's heroic saga.