Bronze Code: 326
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 3.4 LBs


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Reminiscent of a bygone era, this strikingly nostalgic LHF figurine reignites memories of Soviet times. The model, immaculately crafted in 1979, depicts a bold and iconic image from the past: a man resolutely refusing a glass of vodka. This particular scene was familiar to thousands, as it was frequently replicated on posters and spread through the union. Evoking a powerful message of sobriety and willpower, this figurine is a testament to the resilience and character, and the narrative attached to it remains endearing even today.

The LHF model is a treasured relic of the past. A striking evocation of Soviet history translated into stunning bronze which was rare. Each piece was meticulously sculpted, ensuring fidelity to the essence and character of the original posters. Despite the passage of time, the LHF's bronze figurine preserves its grandeur and emotional hues intact. A glance at this figurine serves as a portal to our past, a visual narrative that allows us to experience the rawness and vibrancy of those times.

Though not as extensively produced as its poster counterparts, these bronze figurines have over the years become desirable collectibles. Crafted in extremely limited batches, each unit is unique, and possesses its own tale to tell. Proudly owning an LHF model is not just about possession, it is about preserving a snippet of history, upholding a heritage and honouring an undying spirit.