Bronze Code: 360
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 4.6 LBs


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We introduce a grand manifestation of Russian nobility and strength; a large and heavy Alexander Nevsky bust. Standing at a height of 25cm and weighing over 2kg, this impressive work of art is sculpted from the highest quality bronze, paying homage to the great Russian prince.

Famed for his military prowess, Alexander Nevsky was a victorious warrior, securing Russia's western borders after remarkable wins over the Swedes and the German knights of the Livonian Order in the renowned Ice Battle of 1242. His tactical policies significantly eased the hardships of the Mongol-Tatar yoke, earning him reverence and eventual canonization by the Russian Orthodox Church.

This bronze bust is a true testament to his legacy, exquisitely handcrafted with attention to the finest details. From the intricacies of the facial features that capture the spirit and intensity of Nevsky to the careful rendition of clothing details, this statue stands as an embodiment of expert craftsmanship and an homage to a significant figure in history.

Experience the silent strength and the powerful aura of Alexander Nevsky in your space with this beautifully detailed bronze bust. Perfect for enthusiasts of historical artefacts, this bust encapsulates many aspects of Nevsky's life and reign in its details. It is also an ideal pick for collectors of high-quality bronze sculptures or those with an interest in Russian culture and history.