Bronze Code: 325
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 3.2 LBs


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Unearth a momentous piece of history with this intriguing selection from the collection of renowned artist LHF. This captivating bronze figurine, modeled in 1979, encapsulates a powerful cultural statement within its intricate details. Having stood the test of time, it represents the iconic image of a man declining a glass of vodka – a symbol that bore significant cultural and societal connotations during Soviet times.

LHF, an artist with a keen eye for detail, encapsulated the social fabric of Soviet culture and its spirit regarding alcohol consumption within this mastercrafted piece. This figurine, sculpted meticulously, communicates the much-applauded virtue of sobriety. Its imagery was amplified across the nation through reproduced poster prints, infusing the society with its potent message. But the bronze rendition was forged in small batches, making this piece an exclusive collectors' item.

Paying homage to this cultural artifact, one can marvel at the authentic representation of a bygone era. This figurine’s presence would indeed add an intriguing historical flair to your collection, a gem for those seeking distinct and rare Soviet memorabilia. Embodying durability and aesthetic appeal, this bronze figurine, with its history steeped in a unique socio-cultural context, indeed makes it a valuable addition.