Bronze Code: 397
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Introducing a cost-efficient and scaled-down version of the well-known Chopin’s series portraying Russian Tsars – the Model 1867. Felix Chopin, a renowned French-Russian foundry worker, was known as the 'bronze magician' and a trusted supplier to the court of the Imperial Majesty. A man of great artistic inclination, Chopin redefined the world of bronze sculpture with his awe-inspiring creations, particularly the busts of Russian rulers.

Chopin's journey into creating busts began in 1840, when he stumbled upon marble busts carved by an Italian sculptor, A. Penna. Although Penna’s versions of Russian Tsars and Princes did not genuinely reflect these historical characters, as he had never visited Russia, the concept entranced Chopin. He stepped forward to construct an array of busts that would capture the true essence of these royal rulers.

In 1849, at an esteemed exhibition, Chopin unveiled an impressive collection of 63 full-sized busts of Russian rulers, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Large in size and rich in detail, his buxom busts outshone their counterparts. Continuing on the path of innovation, Chopin decided to resize these sculptures after a span of fifteen years, leading him to present a set of smaller versions at an international exhibition in Paris.

Chopin’s strategic move from larger busts to their miniature counterparts was a stroke of genius. Resized to fit into the niche of cabinet sculpture, these smaller renditions gained significant popularity for their exceptional quality and affordability. The model 1867 stands as a testament to Chopin’s remarkable talent and foresight, assuring its place as a highly treasured piece for art enthusiasts and history lovers alike.