Bronze Code: 408
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 3.1 In
Weight: 3.9 LBs


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Experience the grandeur of historical art with this exquisite, large-sized bronze bust of Napoleon, weighing nearly 2kg in pure bronze. This timeless masterpiece is a creation of the esteemed French sculptor, Emile C.H. Guillemin (1841 - 1907), who has left his indelible mark in the realm of fine art and sculpture. Steeped in the traditions of academic classicism, Guillemin's works are renowned for their meticulous detailing, expressive character faces, and the exemplary craftsmanship synonymous with the famous French foundry of F.Barbedienne.

Born in a lineage of exceptional artists, Guillemin was mentored by his father, the painter and sculptor, Emile Marie Auguste Guillemin, as well as by the accomplished sculptor, Salmson. From biblical sculptures of Judith, David, Goliath, to oriental figures and busts of diverse contemporaries, Guillemin was a versatile artist who demonstrated his profound skill through varied forms of sculpture. The artist rose to fame for his small-scale representations of cavalrymen and conquistadors, often portrayed in scenes of conflict. Each masterpiece exemplifies Guillemin's unparalleled precision to costumes, intricate detailing, and high-quality casting.

This bronze bust of Napoleon truly embodies the aesthetic brilliance and realism that Guillemin was celebrated for. It perfectly captures the enigmatic personality and evocative presence of Napoleon, one of history's most influential leaders. Interestingly, Guillemin's humility reflected in the fact that several of his spellbinding works, including this one, remained unsigned. This sizing and incredible quality of this significant work are a delightful standout, making it an excellent addition to any serious art collection.