Bronze Code: 363
Height: 10 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 3.6 LBs


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Crafted by the renowned Felix Chopin, labeled as the 'bronze magician', this historical significance of this piece stems from its 1867 model. Brought to life in the heart of St.Petersburg at the F. Chopin factory, this creation is a testament to the rich Russian history and impeccable craftsmanship. A unique feature of this model is the signature 'F.CHOPIN' etched into its backside, along with a round stamp stating 'Departure of M.F 1867 for 10 years'. This suggests the piece's origins and gives it a sense of authenticity.

Perched on its base, the inscription 'Mikhail Fedorovich' shines light on the figure's representation - the first Russian tsar from the Romanov dynasty who reigned from 1596-1645. The concept for these busts began when Chopin discovered marble busts by Italian sculptor, A. Penna in 1840. Despite Penna never having visited Russia, his depictions stirred the interest of Chopin to create his collection of Russian rulers.

In an exhibition nine years later, a total of 63 of these busts, all full size, were presented as Chopin's work and left the audience in awe of the intricate details and lifelike accuracy. A decade and a half later, the same busts were showcased at an international exhibition in Paris, but in smaller variants. The transformation from large to compact sizes gave the sculptures a sense of versatility as they became popular as cabinet sculptures, attracting a larger audience.