Bronze Code: 264
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 2.6 LBs


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Celebrate the essence of Russian history and culture with our premium collection of busts, styled in the antique form. With each piece originating from the Mytishchi Art Casting Plant (MZHL), these artistic works are masterfully reconstituted visages of the figures from the bygone era.

Our collection, precisely styled after the originals from the 1958 model series, expertly captures the gritty realism and weight of the past. Originally, antique busts were crafted to evoke a sense of history, durability, and power - characteristics perfectly embodied in our striking replications. Details, down to the rough textures, enigmatic facial expressions, and cohesive designs, have been meticulously maintained to ensure authenticity.

One of the key pieces in this series is the strategically large bust of Vladimir Ilyich. This bust is an unmistakable tribute to one of Russia’s most renowned figures, skillfully capturing the eminent personality in all his grandeur. Bronze-like in appearance, the overall weight and rough texture give it a convincingly antique aesthetic.

The Mytishchi Art Casting Plant (MZHL) takes immense pride in continuing the legacy of the authentic 1958 model series. Utilizing traditional techniques and adhering to the craftsmanship norms of the time, our artists ensure the preservation of historical accuracy in each piece. These art pieces are not just decorative objects; they serve as a bridge to the past, allowing you to revisit and appreciate the rich heritage of that era.