Bronze Code: 803
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 12.1 LBs


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The offering to be presented here is a masterpiece of creation, a quintessential work of art that vividly expresses its creator's enchantment with the African animal world. This stunning piece has been brought to life by the exquisite craftsmanship of Jean Didier Debut, a notable French artist renowned for his captivating depictions of Middle Eastern and African themes.

The sculpture reflects the raw elements of the African wilderness, demonstrating a fine fusion of both realism and passion. Crafted extensively from 5.5 kilograms of pure bronze, this substantial piece measures 38 centimeters, evoking the grandeur of its conceit. Its weight and stature make it an eye-catching addition to any interior, enhancing the aesthetics with its sophisticated design and thoughtful execution.

On closer inspection, the sculpture's nuanced details reveal the meticulous craftsmanship, a testament to Debut's unique skill set. His meticulous attention to form, movement, and fluidity allows the sculpture to come alive, creating a timeless piece rich in artistic flavor.

As a distinguished alumni of the renowned School of Fine Arts in Paris, Jean Didier Debut presents in his works the skills inherited from esteemed mentors such as Engene-Emile Thomas, Henri Chapu, Augustin Dumont, and Jean-Marie Bonnassieux. He was a frequent exhibitor at the Salons from 1883 till 1914 and was even the famed recipient of the prestigious Rome Prize in 1851.

This sculpture is an attractive addition for any decor, a thoughtful token for the art enthusiast, or an honorable gift for keen hunters. Through this luxurious piece of art, one could appreciate the essence of Debut’s interpretation of the African wild, making it an ideal investment for the connoisseur of chef-d'oeuvres.