Bronze Code: 620
Height: 16.5 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 18.3 LBs


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We proudly unveil an exquisite masterpiece - a bronze falcon sculpture exemplifying the epitome of expert craftsmanship and supreme aesthetics. Stretched out in full flight, this intricate depiction of a falcon showcases its striking physical attributes, unparalleled agility, and profound symbolic significance.

The statue, a hefty 42 cm in height and weighing a substantial 8.3 kg, is composed of pure, shimmering bronze, a testament to its robustness and durability. Every centimeter of this piece of art is a display of the highest level of dedication and precise attention to detail, most evident in the exceptionally accurate representation of the bird's plumage.

The falcon, renowned for its superior hunting skills, exceptional eyesight, and swiftness in flight, is a highly revered figure in Russian folklore. Regarded as a symbol of a strong, fearless warrior, this majestic creature takes the center stage in a plethora of ancient tales and legends of valor. This makes our bronze falcon sculpture an ideal gift for the brave, noble men in your life, the warriors who exhibit courage, strength, and honor.

Standing in the lineage of traditional statue-making, this sculpture is the perfect fusion of strength, symbolism, and splendor. Its grandeur lies not only in its size or weight but its ability to capture the essence of the falcon - poised, powerful, and ready to conquer the skies.

Incorporate this bronze falcon sculpture into your décor collection or present it as a thoughtful gift to someone deserving. This piece is not merely an accessory but a statement of courage and valor, a testament to the stalwart character of those who opt to receive it.