Bronze Code: 597
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 17.6 LBs


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Marvel at the exquisite complexity of the 'Brillador et Fanfaron' sculpture by eminent French sculptor and medalist, Auguste Cain, an innovation in the realm of animalistic artistry. This prominently sized model, measuring 31cm and weighing a solid 8kg, stands as a testament to Cain's talent to masterfully interweave brute strength with intricate delicacy. Modeled in the enlightening era of 1880, this breathtaking structure portrays the Duke D'Aumale's noble hounds, dubbed 'Diamond and Braggart', each with their distinct personalities radiating through their lifelike forms.

Auguste Cain, born in 1821, began his artistic journey as a wood carver before studying sculpting under the tutelage of Francois Rud. His innate capacity to breathe life into animal sculptures with precision and expressivity, transcending the static nature of the medium, helped him carve his legacy in the annals of art history. A prolific artist and an inspiring personality, he bequeathed his creative genius to his children, Henri and Georges Cain, who followed their father's footsteps into the arts.

Both majestic and monumental, the 'Brillador et Fanfaron' sculpture is part of a series of spectacularly chiseled pieces that are on display at the historical Chantilly Castle. It stands tall at the entrance of the Castle, welcoming incoming visitors with an impressive narrative of nobility, loyal companionship, and masterful artistry. As an art enthusiast, historian, or collector, embracing this icon of Cain's domain is not merely owning a sculpture but becoming a patron of an intricate piece of History's rich tapestry.