Bronze Code: 656
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 21.3 In
Weight: 58.4 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the intricate artistry of Milo – a brand revered for its blend of a fine arts gallery and a prolific school that houses ascending European sculptors primarily. This striking sculpture encapsulates the artist’s deep fascination with the animal world, portrayed in unparalleled precision and detail.

The sculpture, an exceptional representation of the animal anatomy, offers a meticulous depiction of muscular contours and relief, sculpted to perfection. Not just a mere display of artistic skills, the sculpture is a magnificent ode to the elements of the wilderness.

Toweringly standing at 54cm and weighing a substantial 26.5 kg, the sculpture is a grand piece that cannot be ignored. It's size and weight are testimonials to the temperature of the artist's fervor and precision in creating a masterpiece that is hard to replicate.

A perfect gift for the passionate hunter or a sophisticate appreciator of fine arts, this sculpture is guaranteed to elevate any space it occupies. It sincerely transcends a conventional gift, serving as a timeless possession, detailing every crevice and peak of its model, each curve narrating a story of its own.

Always poised in its exquisite beauty, and inevitably becoming a conversation starter, this majestic Milo sculpture is more than just a piece of furniture, it’s a piece of art that tells a story.

For those who truly admire the beauty and intensity of the animal kingdom, this stunning work of art will perfectly resonate with you. Interestingly, the Milo sculpture forms part of a wider collection of sculptures, each lovingly cast from the models created by our in-house talented European sculptors.