Bronze Code: 575
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 8.7 LBs


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Crafted with exceptional artistry by renowned French animal sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet (1824-1919), this carefully curated Greyhound figurine exemplifies the sculptor's enduring legacy. With a keen emphasis on naturalism and neoclassicism that dominated the 19th century, Fremiet’s work stands as an impressive testament to his profound understanding of animal anatomy and behaviour.

Appreciation is sure to be drawn from the expertly rendered realism of this Greyhound figure. Fremiet's skilled craftsmanship is manifest in the minutiae of the dog's countenance and the characteristic delineation of its body. Known for their compact build and remarkable agility, the Greyhound is accurately represented by Fremiet, underscoring the dog's ability to accomplish top speed over short distances and its inherent strength to capture prey.

Emmanuel Fremiet, widely recognized as the foremost animal sculptor of the 19th century, began his illustrious career with an exhibition at the Paris Salon in 1845. He was celebrated for his numerous bronze statuettes of animals, often receiving accolades and rewards for his masterful craftsmanship. This Greyhound piece beautifully resonates Fremiet's relentless pursuit of verisimilitude and his deep-seated love for his animal subjects.

For followers of 19th-century naturalism art or for those seeking to imbibe a piece of cultural past into their contemporary spaces, this Fremiet Greyhound figurine stands as an ideal choice, bringing with it the refined aesthetic of a bygone era and a timeless representation of animalistic grace and power.