Bronze Code: 585
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 12.6 In
Weight: 8.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the fine art of the 19th century, characterized by a profound respect for naturalism and an inspired interpretation of elegantly designed creatures with the meticulously crafted greyhound figurine by E. Fremiet. This remarkable piece of art is a product of Emmanuel Fremier's visionary creativity and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Emmanuel Fremier (1824-1919), a mind that mastered the delicate art of animal sculpting, leaves no stone unturned in capturing the intricate features of the greyhound. The focus lights on the evident realism of the artwork; the lifelike depiction of the dog's muzzle, the characteristic body relief not only display the artist's immaculate attention to detail but also his profound understanding of his subject.

Greyhounds are intrinsically active, agile creatures known for their strength and speed across short distances, and this piece beautifully captures these characteristics. Fremier gives form to the greyhound's physical capacities, resulting in a figurine that is grippingly realistic and echoes the greyhound's inherent vibrancy and spirit.

E. Fremiet, the remarkable French animal sculptor of the 19th century, walked his artistic journey in the traditions of naturalism and neoclassicism. His first masterpiece saw the light of day at the Paris Salon in 1845. He then moved forward in his career to create an array of intricate bronze animal statuettes that garnered him various prizes and accolades. This greyhound figurine stands as a testament to his genius, a piece that invites you to appreciate the allure of art that comes to life