Bronze Code: 668
Height: 3.9 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 1.6 LBs


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This unique piece, the creation of an acclaimed Russian sculptor, is a study in masterful attention to detail. The artist's meticulous craftsmanship shines through, and special attention has been given to the precise depiction of animal skin texture. Each piece of fur, each individual villus has been taken into account, lending an almost lifelike attribute to the figurine.

Exquisitely crafted, the artistic value of this piece is undeniable, but it holds more than just aesthetic appeal. It's a symbol of dedicated craftsmanship that appreciates natural beauty in its rawest forms. The sculptor's intimate study of animal forms and keen perception of minute detail is what sets this piece apart.

This meticulously crafted work of art is an ideal gift for avid hunters. Hunters would resonate with the artist's keen observation skills and appreciate the painstaking effort put into the creation of each figurine. This unique gift not only reflects a heartfelt appreciation for wildlife but also commodifies the thrill of the hunt in an artistic form.

In addition, if you were born in the years 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, or 2019, this masterpiece carries a distinctive significance. It's a nod to the 'Year of the Pig' in the Chinese zodiac, making it an ideal keepsake or gift for those 'pigs' among us. Combining the richness of Russian craftsmanship and the charm of Eastern traditions, this figurine presents a seamless fusion of cultures and artistry.