Bronze Code: 681
Height: 2 In
Width: 2.6 In
Weight: 0.2 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the charm and allure of meticulously crafted Viennese bronze figurines, which hail from the era of innovative inventors and imposing steam engines. Our product, an exquisitely fashioned bronze figurine, is an exemplary sample of this distinctive art form. Manufactured at the esteemed Bergman factory, this piece not only captures the authenticity and brilliance of Viennese bronze artistry but also boasts the Liter brand's esteemed mark, 'in a jug', reflecting its highly appreciated casting quality.

Inventively conceptualized and skillfully produced, this Bergman bronze figurine stands as a delightful embodiment of the Viennese bronze spirit. Though diminutive in size, its value lies in its superlative craftsmanship and meticulous hand-painting, transforming it into a noteworthy addition to any art collection or a cherished gift for passionate enthusiasts.

The creators of Viennese bronze figurines took great pleasure in depicting scenes from everyday life, erotic episodes, and endearing moments with animals. While the specific theme of this Bergman factory bronze figurine remains a delightful surprise, anticipate a scene suffused with remarkable detail, capricious charm, and a dash of whimsy, in keeping with traditional Viennese bronze subjects.

The admirable work of the Bergman factory and the allure of Viennese bronze combine seamlessly in this figurine to create an artefact that's more than a mere decorative object. It stands as a moment frozen in time, etching an era known for its relentless inventiveness and steam-driven power onto the canvas of contemporary curiosities.