Bronze Code: 684
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 9.8 In
Weight: 9.3 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the realm of nature with our handcrafted medium-sized wolf head wall sculpture, meticulously crafted from more than 4kg of pure, gleaming bronze. This remarkable piece is not merely a sculpture, but an embodiment of artistry, strength and wilderness.

Compared to other animal heads sculptures from our collection, this bronze wolf sculpture may not be the largest, but it certainly stands unparalleled in quality and finesse. The acute detailing of the wolf’s coat has been portrayed with an exceptional touch of realism and precision, truly embodying the craftsmanship and dedication poured into each sculpture.

But it's not just the spectacular detailing of the fur that makes this sculpture stand out, it's the mischievous charm emanating from the evil grin of the wolf that truly brings the sculpture to life, instilling any room it embellishes with a sense of untamed wilderness and majesty.

At our store, every sculpture embodies the essence of the animal it depicts, and with its detailed coat and distinctive grin, this wolf head wall sculpture is no exception. Adorn your space with this exquisite piece and let it be a testament of your love for the wild and aesthetic taste.