Bronze Code: 680
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 3 In
Weight: 1.5 LBs


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Indulge in the luxury and splendor of Russian artistry with our exquisite statuette, cast entirely in bronze, boasting both superb quality and distinctive, shiny color. Every inch of this artisan-crafted figurine is testament to a rich heritage steeped in time-honored traditions of craftsmanship.

This bronzed figurine promises not just visual appeal but also imparts a tangible satisfaction courtesy of its substantial weight. It is completely cast, ensuring continuous bronze throughout, thus its pleasing heft no matter its compact size. This handcrafted masterpiece is the perfect addition to your collection, a marquee focal point in your home decor, or a treasure-worthy gift for a loved one.

A true delight hailing from Russia, it bears the mark of quality and excellence synonymous with products derived from this region. The unparalleled shine and polish of the bronze used in this statuette are further proof of its impeccable quality, speaking volumes about the craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Moreover, its sizable weight is suggestive of its authenticity, a reflection of its pure bronze composition. So, with this figurine, you're not simply procuring a work of art, but a perfectly cast figurine befitting the most discerning home or office.

Appreciate the beauty, value, and history of astoundingly detailed Russian artistry with this eye-catching bronze figurine. Sculpted from top to bottom with immaculate detail, this stunning piece of artistic brilliance is sure to captivate your gaze and steal the admiration of your visitors.