Bronze Code: 718
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 4.2 LBs


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This exceptional piece of fine art is the work of a renowned artist, meticulously crafted on superior quality black marble, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The tabletop statuette stands as a testament to the artist's remarkable attention to even the smallest detail, portraying the intricate complexities of the subject matter in an awe-inspiring manner.

Despite its small size, the statuette's dynamic design captures the viewer's attention, making it a compelling conversation piece. Perfectly suitable for both modern and classic interiors, this artwork can enhance your living room, study, or office with its underplayed decadence.

The price of this exquisite black marble statuette is surprisingly affordable, ensuring that even art enthusiasts on a budget can enjoy owning a piece of exceptional quality. Such a combination of detailed workmanship and cost-effectiveness is rare in the world of sculptural art, making this piece an excellent investment both in terms of aesthetic appeal and value.

The sculpture design is a perfect reflection of its creator's uniqueness and personal style, exuding an appealing blend of modern artistic sensibilities. The statuette's tactile quality, combined with its visual allure, invites close scrutiny and rewards such attention with unique insights into the artist's mesmerizing craft.