Bronze Code: 709
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 5.3 LBs


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Introducing our beautifully sophisticated, bronze sculpture of a Weather vane Rooster. This isn't just an ordinary weathercock rooster, it transcends the traditional roles of these iconic symbols, instead offering a richly detailed and artfully designed interior sculpture to be admired and valued. Crafted with heavy, high-quality bronze, this sculpture exudes timeless durability while radiating an inviting warmth that livens up any room decor.

Ponder over the rich cultural significance attached to our bronze rooster sculpture. Carrying symbolic meanings from both the Western and Slavic cultures, our rooster is portrayed as a harbinger of dawn, a signifier of the beginning of a new day. Roosters are also recognized as talismans against black forces, their brave cry signifying the onset of dawn and the end of dark powers in many tales and legends.

A bronze rooster figurine like this one infuses your space with positive energy, due to its cultural associations of driving away evil and marking fresh beginnings. Cast from durable bronze, our rooster can withstand the test of time, gracing your interior decor with its majestic beauty year after year.

So, immerse yourself in the rich symbolism of rooster sculptures, as our bronze figurine revolutionizes your interior aesthetics. Experience the sublime artistic appeal and immerse yourself in cultural tales and legends with our Bronze Rooster figurine. It's not just a sculpture; it's a story, a symbol, and an artistic masterpiece all rolled into one.