Bronze Code: 788
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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Delve into the captivating world of artistry and dynamic representation with this exquisite sculpture by European artist, Nick. Crafted with an uncanny knack for detail and perspective, this piece delivers an unbelievably realistic depiction of hares running away at full speed. Clear hints of adept artistry can be noted in the pronounced muscle tension and the true-to-life paw positioning that Nick executed masterfully, faithfully capturing the essence of the moment.

Through its mixture of fluid shapes and calculated precision, this magnificent piece allows the viewer to virtually feel the wind whistling past the hares as they spring forward in an adrenaline-fueled frenzy. The lively motion etched within this work instantly turns any space into a dynamic stage of nature's whimsical dance, making it an excellent choice as a gift for hunters or wildlife enthusiasts who appreciate art.

Moreover, the sculptured hares carry deep symbolic reference to the moon among various cultures, embodying notions of desire, fertility, and procreation. This compelling motif reveals an intriguing layer of depth to the piece, adding an allure for those intrigued by cultural symbols and metaphors. It's the perfect gift for those who cherish love and intimacy, the " rabbits" saying indeed standing as testament.

Overall, this compelling sculpture presents an attractive balance of aesthetic appeal, cultural reference, and realistic portrayal, acting as an enchanting gift or a captivating addition to your art collection. Its presence in any space promises to invoke introspection, admiration, and a profound appreciation for the dynamic beauty of wildlife captured by the skilled hand of an accomplished artist like Nick.