Bronze Code: 653
Height: 3.5 In
Width: 6.9 In
Weight: 1.6 LBs


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Welcome, we proudly present an intricately sculpted representation of a bear in its smallest size. Crafted with absolute attention to detail, our bear sculpture promises to impress with its high level of precision and finesse. Each strand of fur and keenly detailed villi reveal an impressive thoroughness in its creation.

This distinctive bear sculpture echoes not just artistry but also deep socio-political symbolism, particularly in Russia. In recent times, the bear has transformed into an essential symbol in the Russian social fabric, adding an extra layer of significance to this sculpture. From serving as emblems of political parties such as the United Russia Party to being synonymous with variable aspects of organizations, the bear has found a central place in socio-political narrative.

Knowing the bear's image resonates as a symbol of Russia to foreigners, this sculpture translates as a powerful metaphor for the big, lazy, and kind nature, depicting calmness and tranquility until provoked to show a different side.

Our smallest bear sculpture makes an exceptional gift for hunters or those associated with organizations regularly featuring the bear in their logos. An interestingly unique and professional gift option for stockbrokers or participants of the stock market, this figurine can be a splendid conversation starter!