Bronze Code: 651
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 3.9 LBs


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Step into the world of art and nature with our Author's Statuette of a Bear Catching a Fish. This compact and beautifully crafted statuette has been lovingly composed to inspire a sense of wilderness and raw energy. Each piece is flawlessly crafted, down to the tiniest details, showcasing the artistic prowess of its enigmatic creator.

This high-quality bear statuette draws you into the exhilarating moment of a bear capturing its meal, a glimpse into the world's untamed beauty. This high-quality, compact statuette is perfect for space-efficient décor while adding a touch of wilderness to any room.

Being a symbol of many important values and organizations, this statuette is an ideal gift for hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, and representatives of the United Russia Party. It bolsters pride and passion for those associated with entities that use the 'bears' logo. This Bear Catching Fish Statuette brings a touch of elegance and sophistication, being a wonderful addition to office, home, or private collection.

The creator of this item, whose identity remains a preserve of mystery, has brilliantly captured the grandeur of nature in this beautiful representation. The intricate details and skillful representation are testaments to the artist's artistry and passion.

Carefully crafted with the highest quality material, this sculpture ensures long-lasting beauty and durability. The gorgeous bear statuette poses as a thoughtful gift or an exceptional addition to your personal collection. It is indeed a small statuette with a big impact, making it a treasured item for many years to come.