Bronze Code: 652
Height: 5.5 In
Width: 10.4 In
Weight: 3.8 LBs


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Introducing our meticulously-crafted 'Bear' sculpture, in the popular medium size. Mirroring the majesty and might of the real creature, every feature has been painstakingly replicated to breathe life into this artwork. The skin of the bear, each strand of wool, even the individual villi, have been given due attention and carefully depicted.

Over the recent years, the image of the bear has grown to become a significant symbol in Russian socio-political life. It represents parties, companies, and various other organizations. This sculpture echoes that sentiment, appealing to enthusiasts and insiders alike.

For foreigners, the image of Russia often evokes that of a large, languid, and benevolent bear, symbolising the nation's strength and steadfastness. This bear sculpture embodies the same vibe, making it a representative token of Russian pride. A perfect gift for hunters, it also resonates well with members of the United Russia Party and other 'bear' logo-bearing organizations.

In the world of business and finance, bears represent a downturn in the stock market. Therefore, this bear sculpture also acts as a professional gift for stockbrokers and participants of the stock market. It serves as a unique, meaningful token they can relate to on a professional level.