Bronze Code: 726
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 21.7 In
Weight: 37.5 LBs


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Experience the majesty of artistry with the exquisite works of acclaimed French sculptor Louis-Albert Carvin. Best remembered for his remarkable contributions to animal studies as a sculptor, he is celebrated for his ability to bring a sense of veritable vitality to his statues. His works exhibit immense attention to detail and an unmatched comprehension of animal anatomy and muscular structure, making them a perfect asset for connoisseurs of art and natural history alike.

Stemming from his passion for animalistic art, Carvin's extraordinarily life-like sculptures continue to enchant audiences to this day. Having apprenticed with Fremiet and being an active member of the French Society of Artists, his distinguished artistic ancestry is prominent in the superior quality of his works. His talent was repeatedly commemorated, bagging him various awards including the Medal of Honor in 1894. His prolific participation in the Paris Salon from 1984 to 1933 amplified his reputation as an unrivaled sculptor.

One of Carvin's treasured creations, a striking sculpture framed in a substantial size and weight, reaffirms his undying devotion to immortalizing the beauty of wildlife. The large and heavy piece, running over half a meter long and weighing a significant 17 kilograms, is a testament to Carvin's remarkable skill and dedication. Exhibiting an intricate depiction of animal anatomy and muscular definition, the sculpture radiates with an interesting blend of strength and vulnerability.

The legacy of Carvin lives on through his pieces, notably his iconic 'Greyhound' sculpture from 1934, graciously embellishing the Place du Maison Blanche in Paris. Representing the essence of legacy and exclusivity, owning a piece by Louis-Albert Carvin is a matter of pride and value, offering you the rare opportunity to experience the allure of a bygone era in your living space.