Bronze Code: 661
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 12.1 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the world of artistic excellence with the remarkable work of the renowned Italian sculptor, Rembrandt Bugatti. Synonymous with an unparalleled level of finesse, Bugatti's work reflects the intrinsic essence of the creatures he sculpts, encapsulating their spirit and demeanor with an impressive level of detail.

Take into your collection the Bugatti Pelican sculpture, an exceptional example of the artist's ingenious craftsmanship. This sculpture, standing at a noticeable height of 36 cm, is more than just an art piece - it is able storytelling that accentuates the deep relationship between two hugging pelicans, reminding the viewer of the intimacy and togetherness inherent in nature.

Born in 1884, Bugatti not only inherited a passion for creativity and invention from his family, but also a deep-rooted love for the natural world. The younger brother of Ettore Bugatti, the founder of the world-famous French automobile company Bugatti, Rembrandt Bugatti lived a life that was as extraordinary as his creations. His works are not merely a representation of animals as he perceived them. Instead, they are a product of hours of observation, understanding, and communion with his subjects in their true habitats. The Pelicans sculpture is a pure testament to this very dedication.

Bugatti's most striking attribute, which this pelican sculpture also stands testimony to, was his ability to capture the emotional essence of his subjects dynamically. The hugging pelican friends are not just two lifeless entities; they are conjugations of the sculptor's intimate perceptions and unique artistic interpretations. The design intricacy in this sculpture pays tribute to Bugatti's singularly artistic perception and subtle understanding of animal behavior.

An exemplar of aesthetic brilliance, the Bugatti Pelicans sculpture is a powerful demonstration of art, emotion, and nature converging. This is an investment for those who value the beauty of nature manifested in art - a timeless artifact that echoes the soulful animal-human connection that transcends eras and cultures.