Bronze Code: 669
Height: 2 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 5.3 LBs


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Delve into the intricate mastery of renowned Russian artist Nikolai Ivanovich Liberich with the stunning paperweight sculpture, 'Boar on a mat.' This emblematic masterpiece is a perfect replica of the original model created circa 1866, which became one of Liberich's most replicated works also known as the 'Hunting Trophy'.

Nikolai Liberich, hailed for his contribution to Russian art history, seamlessly transitioned from a military background into the art world, gaining acclaim as an academician of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Despite its seemingly modest size, this paperweight sculpture, 'Boar on a mat,' perfectly encapsulates Liberich's prowess and distinctive style.

The artist's interaction with Emperor Alexander II during court hunts gave birth to this gorgeous bronze animalistic sculpture. This art piece not only represented a fashionable trend amongst the society but also became a paradigm of luxury gift items for dignitaries and celebrities. Beyond a simple decorative item, this sculpture speaks a loud testament to Liberich's lasting impact on Russian art development throughout the 19th century.

Indulge in the charm of this meticulously crafted 'Boar on a mat' bronze paperweight! It is more than just a paperweight; it's a piece of history, a testimony of Liberich's unique style and expertise, and a reminder of the extravagance of 19th-century Russian decorative arts.