Bronze Code: 778
Height: 8.9 In
Width: 5.7 In
Weight: 6.2 LBs


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The unique artwork presented here is the masterful creation of artist Milo, a brand that bridges both gallery space and a fine arts school in one. A distinguished gathering place for mainly European sculptors, the Milo brand stands for quality, creativity, and unique interpretive vision.

Our primary product of distinction is this meticulously sculpted Rhinoceros, a splendid representation of the artist's exceptional ability to capture, in extraordinary detail, the anatomy and disposition of this powerful creature. Each aggressive stance and muscular curvature of the rhinoceros is precisely portrayed, reflecting the high quality of execution that goes into every Milo creation.

More than a mere decorative piece, this black marble rhinoceros serves as a protective talisman for your home. As a widely respected symbol, the rhinoceros offers protection against theft, loss, and accidents, while also instilling a confidence boost in your abilities. Its presence in your living room will certainly deter any harmful intentions directed at you or your family members. The sculpture's remarkable attributes make it an investment that combines aesthetics, spirituality, and protective essence in one.

Echoing the commitment to authenticity and quality, it's worth noting that we sell a significant number of sculptures cast according to the models provided by the renowned sculptors at our Milo School of Fine Arts. Despite the superior quality and the exquisite detail in our pieces, we pride ourselves on offering this sculpture at a very good price point.