Bronze Code: 517
Height: 9.3 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 1.6 LBs


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Behold the extraordinary small-sized sculpture of Themis beautifully created by the esteemed French sculptor, Mayer Nicolas. Born and groomed in the picturesque city of Paris in the late 19th century to the early years of the 20th century, Mayer Nicolas excelled in the realm of genre and allegorical sculptures. Studying under the veteran French sculptor, Cordier, in his formative years, he imbibed a unique sense of artistry that's reflected in all his creations.

This remarkable hand-written Themis sculpture is one such testimony to his prowess. A cherished gem from the 19th century, Nicolas commenced this bewitching hand-painted work from the year 1885. His meticulous attention to detail translated into the intricate facial details and folds of the mantle, all adding to the resplendent beauty of this creation.

Mayer's commitment to perfection elevated him to a level where he earned an honorary membership in the revered Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris. The brightness and the decorative effect of this hand-painted Themis sculpture is a true facet of his inimitable style and craftsmanship.

Regular participation in the Paris Salon honed his skills and brought his works, including this Themis sculpture, to the attention of art connoisseurs. Unmatched in quality and style, every Mayer's creation is a beautiful amalgamation of detail, color, and essence.

Own this small-sized Themis sculpture to experience the aura and brilliance of Mayer Nicolas and luxuriate in the glory of authentic French sculpture. Enrich your collection with this timeless piece of art, and let it serve as a testament to the grandeur of Mayer Nicolas, a true maestro of French sculptural artistry.