Bronze Code: 516
Height: 15 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 5.7 LBs


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Introducing an exquisite mid-sized sculpture of Themis, created by the talented hand of Mayer Nicolas, a renowned French Sculptor. This medium-sized edition of the Themis sculpture is an exceptionally popular piece, rightfully demanded by connoisseurs of refined artistry around the world.

Themis, an iconic symbol of justice, has been carefully sculpted with an attention to detail that truly sets it apart. Mayer Nicolas has meticulously crafted every feature; from the carefully etched lines on her face, expressing wisdom and tranquility, to the folds on her robe, each one demonstrating an intimate understanding of drapery and effectively creating a flowing, organic impression.

Mayer Nicolas (late 19th century - 1910), a native of Paris, was a master of genre and allegorical sculpture. Proficient under the tutelage of Cordier, his works depict a beautiful blend of conceptual depth and masterful craftsmanship. His reputation as a respected sculptor reached a pinnacle when he became a regular participant in the Paris Salon in 1885 and had the honor of being an Honorary member of the Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris.

Invest in this masterfully crafted Themis sculpture and take home a part of art history. The exceptional quality and the timeless appeal of Mayer's work makes it a cherished possession for any art enthusiast.