Bronze Code: 865
Height: 28 In
Width: 15.4 In
Weight: 17.6 LBs


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We introduce a breathtaking work of art from the renowned creator, Jules Touane. This piece stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of the feminine form, inspired by the adoration of female beauty that dates back to ancient times. It is more than just a nod toward antiquity but a fresh embrace of the charm that lies within every nuance of a woman's anatomy.

This masterfully crafted sculpture, showcasing a young girl in a bikini, is designed with extraordinary attention to detail. It does more than evoke admiration; it commands it. Every aspect, from the elegantly spelled out fingers and toes intricate detailing, exhibits an exactness that is immaculate and delightful to behold.

Each stroke conveys the delicate elegance of the female face with every line and curve capturing more than physical attributes but the radiant essence within. Jules Touane, infamously meticulous with anatomy, underscores the refinement and sophistication inherent within his depiction of perfect beauty.

The size of this sculpture is noteworthy. Standing at 71cm, it is not easily overlooked and garners the attention it deserves. Infused with a green patina, this aspect further accentuates the allure and character of this piece, making it a truly distinctive collectible.

Whether as an impressive addition to your interior decor or as a thoughtful, momentous gift, this is the perfect choice. It is a riveting representation of aesthetic prowess at its finest, offering a touch of antiquity blended seamlessly with a modern appeal.