Bronze Code: 839
Height: 34.6 In
Width: 10.6 In
Weight: 63.7 LBs


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We proudly present a stunning replica of the illustrious sculpture of St. George the Victorious, one of the most famous works by Donato di Nicolo di Betto Bardi, widely known as Donatello. This impressive bronze artwork, standing at a considerable height of 88cm and weighing nearly 30 kg, interprets the famed legend in a refreshingly new light.

Befitting the stature of St. George as a fearless champion of liberty, artists conventionally depict him as a richly armored knight taking on a fire-breathing dragon. Donatello, however, brings a novel perspective to this legend, depicting St. George as a young man in simple attire, filled with the courage, determination, and zeal to fight against all odds and emerge triumphant.

Manifesting the exceptional artistry of Donatello- a magnificent figure in the epoch of the Italian Renaissance, this sculpture is a symbol of the artist's passion and adoration for sculpting. Born in the artisan community of Florence in 1386, Donatello devoted his life to masterful creativity, earning the endearing moniker of 'little Donato' in the process. His peerless craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail are widely believed to be inspired by nature and the superlative examples from ancient art.

As an embodiment of 'the truth', Donatello's life motto and artistic tenet, this replica of the St. George the Victorious sculpture is a perfect representation of the timeless allure of his works. These remarkable sculptures, creatively interpreting the legend of George and the dragon, continue to serve as the most sought-after reference models for artists and admirers of classic sculpting, to this day.